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National Youth Theatre

Since 1983 National Youth Theatre has fiercely championed young artists. They do this by giving young people the National stage and supporting, provoking and inspiring them to shine to their highest potential. This is important because young people represent 30% of us and their art matters.

The organization has largely operated below the radar when it comes to corporate and philanthropic support. We were brought in to partner raise, it’s important that we future proof Irish culture.


Humans First
We got under the skin of the organization and it’s life-changing impact. We brought a group of alumni together for a Wrap Party. We used movement practice, story telling techniques and visualization to write the brand story. The video content of that evening is a powerful calling card to immerse supporters into our world and bring the brand impact to life.

A pitch was developed seeking a hero to future proof Irish culture. As this is the first time the Board of the organization had actively engaged in a partner search, we arranged a dress rehearsal with our client team and a Marketing Director from a potential supporter to stress test the pitch.

A courtship plan is currently underway.