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Dangerous Dreamers


A Crazy Truth. Humanity is largely missing out on the value of one billion people living with a disability. The old world order did not look beyond their disability to see their potential; their value. This order is officially redundant. Young adults are ripping up labels and insisting on inclusion and diversity. #valuable is here to co-create a new world order.
#valuable Mission: to spark a revolution of inclusion.
#valuable Obsession: every person is equally unique and valuable

Humans First
To release the value of one billion people living with a disability into the world – as consumers, employees, inventors, collaborators…...it doesn’t get much bigger than this!

This brand is a dream realized. It was co-created with #valuable founder Dr. Caroline Casey. #valuable was launched in Autumn 2017 with a 1,000 kms horse trial through Columbia to the One Young World conference main stage.

Born led shaping the dream into the world’s first global business movement on disability by developing the strategy, brand manifesto and storybook. A series of activation ideas were also developed and will be released into the world over the coming months. We also worked with the founder to bring investors such as Reid Hoffman, Founder LinkedIn and partner brands Facebook, Fossil, Channel 4 and One Young World into our tribe of Dangerous Dreamers.


Brand reach: 31.2 million impressions on line in the first two months. Leadership: 12 business leaders publicly committed to championing disability in business including Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman and Verizon’s Ronan Dunne. This marks the first time any business leader outside of the disability community has backed a global campaign to address disability in business.

Dangerous dreamers
Dreaming, seeking, unsatisfied, relentless and eventually victorious.