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When the opportunity arose for The Different Diary Company (TDCC) to integrate Biogreen Dairy and Good Heavens into their business they called us in during the negotiation stage. They needed strategic guidance on how to maximize the value of this new business over the next five years. A key question was ‘What is the best course of action to take - growing two or three different brands or creating one master brand?’.

This was a meaty brief that required TDCC to move its centre of gravity from primarily being a business with a one brand, one market and one channel focus to a business (potentially) managing up to three brands across multiple markets and channels.

Nomadic Dairy
Nomadic Dairy

Humans First
We spent time in both businesses to understand what each brought to the table in terms of expertise, skills and brand equity. We facilitated a series of conversations with the two business leaders and their teams to tease out opportunities and challenges to this business integration.

Part of this process was to seek to find a sweet spot where both companies and their brand offerings could come together – where the whole is greater than the sum of its part. A multicultural world of adventurous taste and flavours was created by the TDDC team working with their design agency Carter Wong.

The core range has achieved consistent double-digit growth. This brand has many more adventures to come.